Friday, 15 June 2007

Stand and Deliver!

I’ve come to the conclusion that Elwyn Forest is a breeding ground of bandits and highway robbers… this could well be the reason for the city of Stormwind being filled with beggars.
The virtual option of "Your money or your life" is presented with such frequency, that travelling through the "town" of Goldshire is a near impossibility. I’m not even talking about those Delfias types, although sometimes I wonder if filling the forest with bandit mobs is another example of Blizzards subtle humour (much like ‘Tommy McNabb’, the NPC who wanders the trade centre with plaintive cries of "Spare some coin?")

The whole area is populated with level 5-40 players; spamming duel challenges at any random passer-by. I suspect some of them have been level 5 for months, because I’ve seen the same people stood there all night, doing nothing else.
What I’ve never been able to understand is what they possible hope to achieve, or what satisfaction they’re getting from it. Level difference apparently means nothing.
You arrive in town, fresh from Northshire Abbey, with a smile on your face and an important note to deliver to the innkeeper, but before you even reach the door a loud "GONNNG" reverberates through your speakers and a duel flag lands at your feet. As you stop in bewilderment to ponder over what you could have possibly done to offend the tall creature with the green hair and floppy ears, a whisper of "Gief money pliz" arrives from a scantily clad girl of questionable morals. Are they working together? Have I inadvertently wandered into Sherwood Forest?
The Sheriff will hear of this!

Now I could accept these duels, but seriously… I have 50 health points, one spell and a small rusty letter opener in my favour. But is he aware that I’m cunningly hiding a pair of [Potato Sack Pants of the Hobo] under this modest robe? On second thoughts, I’m not convinced it will make much of a difference against the mail-clad elf and his giant sabre tooth cat. Here… take my 47 copper.

Perhaps Tommy will let me share his gutter.

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